Interview by SD SHARMA

Manoj Singh- A Myriad Minded Literary Genius

Neither a mystic nor an idealistic dreamer but a stern realistic of real magnitude ,the acclaimed Hindi novelist poet, Manoj Singh has emerged as an eminent writer of wider sensitivity in a short span of his literary career. Endowed with a vision , impulse and observant eye to see nature and life in all its manifestations through the medium of sentiment and passion, Manoj Singh has authored five classic literary creations, in varied genres which has won rave reviews while two novels are in the offing. This is by no means a meager achievement for Manoj Singh, an ITS officer of 1986 UPSC batch presently the Deputy Director General Telecom Enforcement and Monitoring Cell Punjab Chandigarh. Born at Agra Manoj gave an indication of the coming glory hitting the state merit list in Higher Secondary examinations. Holding a BE (Electronics) from REC Bhopal he secured an MBA degree later. Striking an amiable balance between his passion of sculpting verses and professional commitments Manoj has been successfully translating his mundane feelings experienced in adolescent age and his matured thoughts observed during his formative years. He shred some of his experiences with the Tribune.
Poets are born and not made. Why you took to writing so late ?
Many ideas used to jostle in amazing profusion in my mind and many of them were even beyond the conceptual grasp of boys of my age. I used to scribble in poetic forms but without getting published. My revered father Harimohan Singh however encouraged my rare ventures. It was only few years back I took to serious writing when he had a tryst with the greatest master poet “ The Nature” during my stay at Solan. Blessed to live in the panoramic ambience and beauty of the Himalyas I always loved to relish the cool moon rays while in face to face with the moon. This rendezvous of eternal beauty of the Moon and nature lover Manoj resulted in a long epic poetic classic “ Chandrikotasav ” ( Celebration of the beauty of Moon and Moonlit nights) as his first literary creation. My life and literary partner, Smt. Rekha Singh was my another inspiration.
After poetry how the Novels like Bandhan and Kashamkash happened ?

To quote Sahir Ludhianvi “ Duniyan ne tazarbato hawadis ki shaql mein jo kuchh mujhe diya lauta rha hum mein”. See the thematic content of my novels is not pure fiction but built on the hard heart felt realities of life but pregnant with a didactic socio-cultural message. In BANDHAN, the story touches and enters in delicate realms of family, Society, College fraternity etc. in relation with patients suffering from Schizophrenia which has been widely noticed and appreciated. To make it more realistic I have actually visited mental hospital and observed the sufferings very closely and felt the pain of it. which has come out in his novel. Novel 'KASHMKASH' scaling with new dimensions in relation to woman's evolution in society, depicting thirty four lady characters which seem so real as if they were one amongst us. Both novels have gone into second edition, a real compliment for my literary potential.
A novelist or column writer in over dozen periodicals or newspapers . who is close to your heart ?
My column writings, reflective of the contemporary issues have been so poular that I have to publish a book "Vyaktitav Ka Prabav" a collection of columns, already published in various Newspaper & Magazine.
Any new ventures ?
My new titled "Meri Pehchan" published by Vani Prakashan, New Delhi is being released on 24th May, 09 . It is a compilation of eleven selected stories, which have appeared in leading newspapers and periodicals across the country. The Stories are based on day to day life and the problems faced by modern society. The changes arising out of economic development and side effects of progressive science, as it is moving towards consumerism, Unrestness and upheaval in Political scenario . Topics are from the common man life and elaboration in his language. Accordingly the reader feels at home with the stories. Human feelings and emotions are at centre stage, hence It automatically connects with the reader.